Audio & moving media

The invited guitarists on Northern Steel

The idea struck us during the production, why not invite a bunch of different guitarists from the Nordics, just to give the album name even more meaning. First out was one of our very old friends Pontus Norgren from Hammerfall. With his solo on Fallen Nations in place, it was then just to call around to our old friends and to make a long story short, all said yes immediately. It went so well that we didn’t even got time to call Denmark or Iceland.

Special guests:

  • Pontus Norgren – Hammerfall (Sweden)
  • Euge Valovirta – Cyhra, Red Wolf (Finland)
  • Lars Chriss – Lion´s Share, Impera, Road to Ruin (Sweden)
  • Pellas – Pellas (Sweden)
  • Stephen Carlson – Brotthogg, Melodic Passion, The Rise, Tales (Norway)
  • Johnny Östergren – ex Neptune (Sweden)

Making of a video
It’s not only to walk down to the beach of Vanheim with your instruments and a camera. You also need to set up all gear properly first.. then hit the ”red” button.